From the Heart

We love hearing from our customers and friends and are grateful for the support and for the kind words of encouragement. Each piece of ib designs jewelry is made with great love. Our wish is for you to wear well and feel good.

Peace - Kris and Whealan


Although this email is delayed, it still comes with great appreciation. We visited and purchased a couple of pieces from you back around August 21st or so, and we completely adore the unique art and design of your pieces. We simply wanted to say thank you and happy holidays.

Best Regards,

Will and Kimba


In 2001 we were cruising on The Infinity ship and stopped at St. Croix. We see these people in the street loading things into a van. It was Whealan moving his shop. We bought Infinity Bracelets and I have worn mine every day since! I received two more this past Christmas...Wave and Virtues.

I have been stopped in the Dallas airport by someone saying "that's Whealan's bracelet!"

I was eating lunch in Knoxville with my daughter (who also has the Infinity and Wave) and her alumni friend, Amy. Amy said, "I have your bracelet" and held out her arm...she had three of them.

Everyone admires mine!

Thanks ib designs for so much enjoyment! Next I want Peace and Infinity Earrings!



In response to our Top 10 Reasons for Shopping at ib designs...

10. They are the best jewelry store ANYWHERE!

9. We need all the feel good jewelry we can get!

8. They have the coldest A/C in Christiansted! (Is that why their jewelry their jewelry is so cool???)

7. There are often men in the man chairs!

6. Word on the street in Atlanta and Vancouver is they have the best polishing cloths. EVER

5. We can say, "I got this from, 'MY Jeweler' in St. Croix. They have the smallest store I've ever seen!"

4. They drink with us in their store!

3. They give us free therapy sessions - just being there is a therapy session!

2. Hands down, their jewelry is as BEAUTIFUL as the jewelers!

1 1/2. We're still hoping for the 25 pound mirror!

1. We just love them ALL (and their pieces) to pieces!!!

We love y'all

Teri, Wilva and Beth



Whealan & Kris,

Thank you so much for helping us give our attendants the best gifts that we could give them from St. Croix. We were so proud to give them something so special and unique. Looking forward to visiting you all again in the future.

Matt & Kristen Mahurt



Hawaii Love

Just wanted to share with you the amount of compliments and stories I hear while wearing your jewelry- every day.  I travel a lot, and live on the other big island- Hawaii now.  Not a day goes by that someone does not mention your Wave bracelet that is among the many other bracelets I wear every day.  It is everyone’s favorite of my arsenal by far.  I have gifted many of your magical pieces and shop for new ones often.  Thank you so much for putting the VI love into all that you do.  I miss your store very much, but the website is pretty fun also!




Dear Whealan,

Thank you so much to your very generous contribution to the Nature Conservancy Caribbean program in the Virgin Islands! The Coral Reef Project is very exciting, and we think it has such incredible potential to help the islands protect and grow their coral! We need thousands of acres more!! - See more at:

Thank You!!

Jonnie Awann, TNC Caribbean Board of Trustees



ib designs,

Thank you for your generous donation and support of the Tan Tan Tours Takes on Trash beach clean up event. Over 60 individuals in 12 jeeps collected over 150 bags of trash, a few dozen appliances and tires, and even a pair of toilets. Even through the rain, participants were excited and engaged and competed hard to win big.

Thank you again,

Kemit-Amon & The St. Croix Nature Conservancy



Kris, Whealan, and the ib crew,

I am very humbled by the support that we have received from you and your fundraising effort. I am excited that we are working to conserve important coral reefs at home and across the Caribbean and am grateful that you are now part of the process in such a unique and amazing way. From my team and I, a very special THANK YOU! May your family stay blessed, your business prosperous, and may you receive, in return, the good vibes that you mold into every ib piece.

Kemit-Amon & The St. Croix Nature Conservancy



Dear Island Boy,

I purchased by Karma Ring on the last day we were on the island.  I love my ring.  It is beautiful.  The customer service I received the first time I stopped by brought me back.  I came back to your store and found everyone helpful and friendly.  I am enjoying my Gold Karma Ring.



You know you done good if when you sober up you still love your purchase.  We love the necklace.  Thank you Island Boy!!!




Hello Whealan!

We just ordered three Umoja cord bracelets and a Trinity Anklet. My fiance and I are going to be married on St. John on March 3rd. We were looking for some beautiful bracelet or necklace to use in our ceremony to honor my 16 year old son who will be with us and our new family unit. We think these corded bracelets are perfect and we love the symbolism of Umoja for our ceremony.

We are really looking forward to including your jewelry in our ceremony.




Kris and Whealan,

Thank you so much for your donation to our Fight Like Frank event in November. Our event was a huge success thanks to generous people like yourselves. I have shared my story and my experience with your business. A lot of people are interested in my bracelets (which never came off) and many people in my family wear them as well. Thank you again for your support and all that you do – you are inspiring – even from hundreds of miles away!

Peace and love, Christine Gessler



I have never seen a more thorough and ” all in one place” set of directions to clean jewelry!!!  I appreciate this so much.  I have many pieces of various metals and stone, (precious and semi-precious).  It gets very confusing as to what I can, and just as importantly can’t, clean them with so, thank you, again!

I love your designs and your web site it great!  Have a beautiful, blessed day!

Yvonne Harper, CT



Hello from Minnesota,

I came to St. Croix with Tamara Berg’s group three years ago and fell in love with the island and your jewelry story. Your’s is the only jewelry I wear and with that said: My, now fiance, got my engagement ring made with IB’s infinity band. I have worn the infinity ring since my first trip, and I never wanted to take it off- now I never will have to! It is the most perfect ring in the entire world, and I want to thank you for making such wonderful and meaningful jewelry.

Take care,
Heather Bray




We can’t thank all of you at ib designs enough for your continued support of the Beacon Schools, especially during these very difficult economic times.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed and hope will generate many more sales for you.  Both the house in Dominica and the jewelry has always been a big hit at our auction.

Thank you so much.




  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bracelet and thanks so much for taking the time to send the silver cloth.  I hope       someday to visit you and your island.  I’m feeling good.










Wedding Ring Good morning from Knoxville, Tennessee!

 I just wanted to express my thanks to you for creating such original and inspiring pieces of jewelry; we  have visited lovely St. Croix twice, cannot wait to vacation there again, and will certainly drop by your  shop while there.  I enjoy wearing your karma necklace, circle of life ring, and now, as you can see in  my photo, your charming hula ring adorns my finger every day as my wedding ring!  Thank you again for  blessing me with pieces that make me smile every time I put them on; have a beautiful week!







I received your package last week and LOVE LOVE LOVE my items!!  My absolute favorite is my Infinity Ring!  It fits perfectly and means more to me than words can simply express.  Bottom line is that I feel more complete with it on (as I do not wear my wedding bands any longer)  This ring means everlasting love and to me, the design shows that love is filled with twists and turns and comes back around full circle.  Thank you for your love, support and generosity.  It means the world to me and my family will surely love their items!!  The item for the silent auction is perfect and I love that it is engraved-such a nice touch!  Thank you again!!

West Indian Bangle

Handcrafted Feel Good Jewelry,

While visiting our daughter her husband and family in St. Croix I noticed my daughter wearing this lovely sterling rope bracelet accented in 14k Gold, I loved it.

My daughter said her husband purchased it for her at your store. I asked my daughter would she mind if my husband would purchase the same bracelet and took me to your store where my husband then purchased the same bracelet.

I wear it every day. It happens to be one of my favorite pieces.

You named your store well, for when I do wear it I look down on the bracelet and I do feel good looking and wearing it.

Thank You for the designs,

Joan M. M.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing your creations!  I wear the Karma bracelet EVERY day…and many days pile on two other bracelets I bought on our 2007 trip to St. Croix.  Almost every time I wear the Karma ring [my husband surprised me with this past Christmas] someone will notice the matching bracelet and make a comment.  Also when I wear the Wawa Aba earrings, they get noticed!  I love my Chaney pieces too with the link necklace I won in your drawing.  Your jewelry is so unique and lovingly created that I feel extra special wearing it!  My sister-in-law recently became a fan as well.  ;-)  Maybe we can talk them into making a trip to St. Croix one day.




We love our new jewelry! The circle of life bracelet dazzles in the light and is perfectly flawless. The cocoa pendant is even more beautiful than it is captured on the website photos. Your workmanship is wonderful. Thank you



One of a kind Wedding Band

 Kris & Whealan- I wanted to let you you know that I did receive the rings yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!!! Mine fits perfectly and Bill's is so beautiful that I just can't stop looking at it. Whealan outdid himself and I can't wait for Bill to see his ring for the very first time on Saturday when we get married.

Thanks again! They're perfect and undoubtedly will continue to bless us with many years of peace and happiness throughout our marriage.

We will send pics when they are done.

With warmest wishes,

Monique and Bill