Fan Coral

The Fan Coral Collection was created in support of non-profit organizations with missions that encourage marine conservation and stewardship through local community education and outreach. May the delicate skeleton structure of the fan coral remind us of the strength and energy needed to make reef conservation a reality. 

Your ib designs purchase supports marine related education. One of the programs that the Fan Coral Collection supports is St. Croix Environmental Association's Public Snorkel Clinics. These clinics are held monthly, April through October, and are free to the community. The goal is to increase appreciation for our marine habitat through recreation. Thank you for your support.

Fan Coral Bracelet

$110.00 - $1,205.00

Fan Coral Cord Bracelet

$65.00 - $355.00

Fan Coral Earrings

$100.00 - $1,900.00

Fan Coral Pendant

$75.00 - $685.00

Fan Coral Ring

$75.00 - $400.00