Feel good jewelry represents something, means something, and tells a better story. The Elkhorn collection speaks some goodness into the story of St. Croix and the islands.

Once the primary coral reef species throughout the Caribbean, Elkhorn Coral populations have declined as much as 90% as a result of global climate change, overfishing, and direct and indirect sources of pollution. They are now listed as threatened on the US Endangered Species Act.

The Nature Conservancy is working towards the recovery of elkhorn (and staghorn) corals in the US Virgin Islands by growing and multiplying rescued corals in underwater nurseries and then using nursery-grown corals to restore degraded reefs.

Your ib designs purchase of beautiful St. Croix jewelry directly supports coral restoration in the US Virgin Islands with a donation to The Nature Conservancy.

Each handmade piece from our Elkhorn collection would add meaning and style to your look. Wear a hook bracelet, pendant, ring or earrings from this handcrafted collection to connect you to the islands’ special environment. Each piece is available in sterling silver or 14kt gold.

Elkhorn Bracelet

$110.00 - $1,910.00

Elkhorn Cord Bracelet

$60.00 - $365.00

Elkhorn Earrings

$90.00 - $520.00

Elkhorn Pendant

$70.00 - $340.00

Elkhorn Ring

$70.00 - $340.00