Anchors can symbolize hope, steadfastness, stability, and safety. May you enjoy our ib designs anchor collection, one with a bit of flair and lots of island vibe.

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  1. Anchor Bracelet

    Anchor Bracelet

    This bracelet was made for a special person who loved the sea, the islands, and everything that was the Virgin Islands. The ocean holds a special place for all of us and may we soak up what it gives us. Available in Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14k Gold, or 14k Gold.  Learn More

  2. Anchor Pendant

    Anchor Pendant

    A classic and timeless design with a little island boy flair. May the high seas and Caribbean waters comfort your soul and surround you in tranquility.  Available in sterling silver, sterling silver with 14kt wrap, or 14kt gold. 1 1/8" x 3/4"*For chain options please visit our "Necklaces" tab! Learn More