This bracelet was inspired over a period of 2 years during passionate conversations about how breadfruit could offer new opportunities to humanity. Read more below about the gifts of breadfruit.

Jewelry with a mission.

Available in Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14k Gold, or 14k Gold. 

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Your purchase of this collection supports local Trees That Feed projects. Trees that Feed Foundation is dedicated to the vision of self sustaining communities and entrepreneurs, based on agroforestry.

How is breadfruit benefiting our local community through new economic opportunities.

Why Breadfruit?

  • Breadfruit is currently being understood as a super food. There is untapped potential for health benefits to humans, economic opportunities, and environmentally friendly growing through agroforestry.
  • A breadfruit tree consumes two tons of carbon in it's lifetime and emits a ton of oxygen. St. Croix is a perfect environment.
  • Breadfruit trees and products can be a substantial agriculture export for the USVI, as well as providing the territory with food security.

In Hawaiian culture, breadfruit is called 'ulu. In Hawaiian lore, the god Ku transformed himself into a 'ulu tree to feed his family and spread the fruit trees through out the Hawaiian Islands.

Jewelry with mission. Making the world a better place one bracelet at a time.

Thank you....thank you...thank you.

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