1. Circle of Life Ring

    Circle of Life Ring

    $55.00 - $190.00
    Comfortable, classic, lively! Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  2. Dreamcatcher Stack Ring

    Dreamcatcher Stack Ring

    $55.00 - $475.00
    We hope our dreamcatcher ring reminds you of good things, good fortune, bright futures, and the opportunities that we can harness and make our "dreams" into a reality.  Available in sterling silver or 14kt yellow or rose gold. Model is wearing a combination of dreamcatcher stack with two accented dreamcatchers on either side. Learn More

  3. Drum Ring

    Drum Ring

    $125.00 - $1,430.00
    Hand wrought and crafted with traditional cold joint methods. Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  4. Elkhorn Ring

    Elkhorn Ring

    $70.00 - $285.00
    Once the primary coral reef building species throughout the Caribbean, elkhorn populations have declined as much as 90% as a result of global climate change, over-fishing and harmful practices, and direct and indirect sources of pollution. They are now listed as threatened on the US Endangered Species Act.  The Elkhorn ring is available in Sterling... Learn More

  5. Gratitude Ring

    Gratitude Ring

    $65.00 - $335.00
    Wear as a reminder of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Available in sterling silver or 14kt. Learn More

  6. Harmony Ring

    Harmony Ring

    $65.00 - $365.00
    This beautiful design reflects the balance and unity which is the heartbeat of life. Wear well! Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  7. Infinity Ring

    Infinity Ring

    $45.00 - $340.00
    Wear our Infinity Ring as a symbol of everlasting memories, love, or friendship. Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. The 14kt gold ring is available in 12 gauge (thicker) or 15 gauge (thinner). 15 gauge is pictured. Learn More

  8. Jingle Jangle Ring

    Jingle Jangle Ring

    $125.00 - $1,210.00
    Carefree chic! Solid band with three whimsical moving rings. Available in sterling silver, sterling silver with one 14kt yellow gold ring in the center, sterling silver with three 14kt yellow gold rings, or 14kt gold. This special design usually ships one week from date ordered. Learn More

  9. Karma Rings

    Karma Rings

    $75.00 - $235.00
    Spread peace, love, laughter, a helping hand and the same will come to you. A creation that reflects the good vibes of the artist Whealan Massicott, this special design celebrates the Universal Law that what you put into your life will return to you. The Karma Ring is available in Sterling Silver with 14k wrap or 14k Gold. Learn More

  10. Latitude Ring

    Latitude Ring

    $95.00 - $370.00
    The latitude ring is an awesome expression of beauty. It is a bold and unique design celebrating our diverse Caribbean family and the powerful spirit that lies within. Available in sterling silver, 14kt gold, or sterling silver with 14kt band. 1 1/2" Learn More

  11. Lavi Ring

    Lavi Ring

    $65.00 - $290.00
    The newest addition to our Lavi Collection. Celebrate the life you live! Available in sterling silver, sterling silver and 14kt, or 14kt gold. Learn More

  12. Om Ring

    Om Ring

    $65.00 - $310.00
    The Om Ring is available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More