Bangles are a traditional West Indian adornment that are passed on through generations. Classic, timeless and fun...mix metals, style and textures...the fun is up to you! A great compliment with any St. Croix hook bracelets. Magical!

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  1. Classic Bangle

    Classic Bangle

    Perfectly classic. These 12 gauge bangles will be happy to play and jingle with your other bangles:) The more the merrier! The Classic Bangles are available in Sterling Silver. Learn More

  2. Infinity Bangle

    Infinity Bangle

    $65.00 - $80.00
    Our newest addition to our Infinity Collection! Add this piece to your hook bracelets, or pair with our classic or organic bangle.Available in sterling silver or 14k gold filled, Learn More

  3. Jingle Jangle Bangle

    Jingle Jangle Bangle

    $95.00 - $1,475.00
    The fun and playful jingle jangle bangle is music to your wrist. Free moving and organic in shape, this design reflects spontaneity and individuality. Each solid 8 gauge Sterling Silver bangle is hand hammered and is joined with five flowing hammered in rings in Sterling Silver or 14k Yellow Gold. Also available in solid 14k Gold.  Learn More

  4. Solid Organic Bangle

    Solid Organic Bangle

    $75.00 - $720.00
    Organic and hand wrought. There is no such thing as too many bangles! The Solid Organic bangle can accommodate most wrists, and we offer it in a 7 1/2 or 8. If you need a different size please specify when you order, or email us. Remember the bangle needs to fit tightly over your hand to wear comfortably around your wrist.  Available in sterling silver... Learn More

  5. West Indian Bangle

    West Indian Bangle

    $135.00 - $2,500.00
    This traditional design celebrates our cultural history. A Caribbean bracelet in the true sense. The West Indian bangle is available in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Sterling Silver with 14k Gold ends, or Oxidized Sterling Silver. Learn More

  6. West Indian Twist

    West Indian Twist

    $45.00 - $100.00
    Our new West Indian Twist Bracelet to complement our classic West Indian Bangle. Available in Copper, Sterling Silver, or 14k Gold Fill. Learn More