1. Anchor Bracelet

    Anchor Bracelet

    $110.00 - $1,610.00
    This bracelet was made for a special person who loved the sea, the islands, and everything that was the Virgin Islands. The ocean holds a special place for all of us and may we soak up what it gives us. Available in Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 14k Gold, or 14k Gold.  Learn More

  2. Anchor Charm

    Anchor Charm

    $45.00 - $90.00
    Our charms are worn best on our Classic Bangle or our Circle of Life Link Bracelet. Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  3. Anchor Pendant

    Anchor Pendant

    $70.00 - $765.00
    A classic and timeless design with a little island boy flair. May the high seas and Caribbean waters comfort your soul and surround you in tranquility.  Available in sterling silver, sterling silver with 14kt wrap, or 14kt gold. 1 1/8" x 3/4" Learn More

  4. Baby Infinity Earrings

    Baby Infinity Earrings

    $55.00 - $175.00
    Beautifully crafted, the Infinity design reflects the endlessly great feelings invoked by the Caribbean blue sea and the local color of its people. Wear as a symbol of everlasting friendship, love or memories. These 7/8" Infinity dangles are perfectly precious! Available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold. Learn More

  5. Baby Strength Earrings

    Baby Strength Earrings

    $60.00 - $275.00
    This bold, powerful Adinkra symbol helps to remind us of the strength lying within. For life's curve balls, uphill climbs, second chances and inspiring moments...may this piece be worn with the greatest harmony, strength and humility.  Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. 3/4" Learn More

  6. Ball and Link Earrings

    Ball and Link Earrings

    $60.00 - $440.00
    The ball & link earrings swing and groove with your movements. Fun anywhere and a sure hit with our ball & link necklace.Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  7. Ball and Link Necklace

    Ball and Link Necklace

    $250.00 - $2,240.00
    Our signature handcrafted chain.Available in sterling silver, 14kt yellow, rose, or white gold, and 18kt yellow gold. Learn More

  8. Ball and Link Pendant

    Ball and Link Pendant

    $55.00 - $725.00
    The whimsical movement of this pendant can be perfectly paired with our Trinity Necklace or our signature Ball and Link Necklace. Each link is individually hand forged and crafted into a playful piece of wearable art. Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. 1" x 2" Learn More

  9. Big Long Link Earrings

    Big Long Link Earrings

    $65.00 - $515.00
    A link that is refreshing and playful! Available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold. 1" x 2 1/4" Learn More

  10. Big Long Link Necklace

    Big Long Link Necklace

    $260.00 - $2,820.00
    Endless Fun. 33" to wrap, adjust and adorn. Hand hammered links and shepherd's hook clasp makes this truly yummy! Available in sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More

  11. Circle of Life Bracelet

    Circle of Life Bracelet

    $90.00 - $1,130.00
    Wow! This design has everyone smiling. The hinge design is innovative and the feel is oh so good! Available in sterling silver, sterling silver with 14kt gold, or 14kt gold. Learn More

  12. Circle of Life Hoops

    Circle of Life Hoops

    $55.00 - $685.00
    Hoops are always in fashion!!! And these are head turners! Sterling silver or 14kt gold. Learn More