Happy Holidays from ib designs!


  • Anchor Collection

    May you enjoy our ib designs anchor collection, one with a bit of flair and lots of island vibe.

  • Ball and Link

    Each link is individually crafted and joined to create one of ib designs most talked about pieces. A must have!

  • Caribbean Islands

    Always looking at our beautiful Caribbean surroundings for inspirations, the Island Collection reflects and celebrates the beauty and balance of life in the slow lane!

  • Circle of Life

    360 degrees of individuality, freedom and fun. Each new day is a celebration. Let your life speak.

  • Copper and Gold Fill

    This electric collection of Copper and Gold Fill are reflective of the most ancient creative metals. Warm, rich, and colorful these unique designs have feel good jewelry written all over them.

  • Elkhorn

    The Nature Conservancy is working towards the recovery of elkhorn corals in the US Virgin Islands.

  • Fan Coral

    The Fan Coral Collection supports marine related education and outreach programs on St. Croix.

  • Gratitude

    To say we feel grateful is not to say that everything in our lives is necessarily great. It just means we are aware of our blessings.

  • Harmony

    The Harmony Collection reflects and celebrates the beauty and balance of life in the slow lane!

  • Infinity

    The Infinity design was our first creation and is the signature pieces of ib designs.

  • Jingle Jangle

    Fun and playful and adds a little music to your life! You can’t help but have fun while wearing.

  • Karma

    We hope everyone who wears ib designs’ Karma jewelry spreads positive vibes.

  • Lavi

    Love the life you live. Embrace it, cherish it, and share it joyfully with those you love.

  • Links

    Versatile, adjustable, and oh so fabulous for every occasion. Have fun!

  • Om

    May you walk each day with great peace, love, and compassion for you and others around you.

  • Opals

    Kris and Whealan hand pick each exquisite Australian Boulder Opal.

  • Outside of the Box

    Inspiration is a free thought. Let your life be open to stepping outside the box.

  • Petroglyph

    Finding inspiration from a culture lost, Whealan has created the Petroglyph Collection to honor their expression “The Omni presence of God.” Celebrate the past, present and future.

  • St. Croix Chaney Jewelry

    St. Croix treasures transformed in to one of a kind handcrafted jewelry.

  • Strength

    This bold and feminine Adinkra symbol for strength reminds us of the power of the collective….celebrating the power of humility and strength….embrace it!

  • Trinity

    A fun fresh design acknowledging the connectivity in our world...

  • Umoja

    Whealan blends melody, harmony and beauty to create this inspirational design.

  • Virtues

    Virtues are the best of our character, the inner strengths that enable each of us to reach our highest potential.

  • Wave

    This whimsical collection is inspired by the raw beauty of our Caribbean environment.

  • Wawa Aba

    A symbol of hardiness, toughness, and perseverance.

  • West Indian

    Artfully Caribbean.